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Made for entrepreneurs and opportunity seekers.

Lime 2.0 Social Media Solutions Directory Solutions are industry-specific online platforms designed to aggregate valuable information from visitors seeking specific information. By simply choosing an industry, Lime 2.0 Social Media Solutions create your Directory to start generating online revenue for you.

24/7 Low Maintenance Business For Sale!

In just 10 years the handy internet search tool, Google evolved into the most dominant media player on the planet. Why do you think this happened?

When you focus on what made Google prominent they managed to successfully group the internet and place websites people want at the fingertips of every computer user in the world. Google is the world’s biggest and most effective Directory. Google generates revenue as advertising is linked to search results. When people search, people click and Google gets paid. It really is that simple.

With a Lime 2.0 Social Media Solutions Directory Solution we can create a customized Directory for any industry you choose and you can begin to generate advertising revenue – 24/7 from the moment it is live.

You won’t be competing against Google, you are using Google and what makes it great to guide the structure and marketing of your website. Everything in a Lime 2.0 Social Media Solutions Directory Solution is programmed and accounted for. So you can remain passive and your website does the rest.

Your Directory will be an engaging, compelling website that is built to educate, inform and ultimately, give visitors exactly what they want. By being the ‘Go To’ provider in a specific industry you will get visitors returning again and again. Each one bringing revenue to you.


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Which Directory solution is right for you?

Lime 2.0 Social media Solutions Directory Solutions are for people who know they want to generate revenue from the internet using a low touch, high impact business model. Our offer is 3 solutions with different investment levels and specification – Enterprise,Premier & Corporate.

Enterprise Solution

Buy Online: $19,990  

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This is our entry-level Directory Solution. This ensures you receive a basic directory with search functionality. This is a good first option for businesses that are unsure exactly of their long-term plans.

Premier Solution

Buy Online: $27,900  

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Our Premier Directory Solution has been developed for people who want an edge. Our Premier directory solutions have Ecommerce Functionality, Social Networking, SEO and individual listing pages for the entries.

Enterprise Solution

Buy Online: $35,900  

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This advanced solution is the ideal option for every directory owner looking for serious return on investment. You’ll benefit from having the Lime 2.0 Social Media Solutions team do everything in its power using every weapon in its arsenal in its approach.