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Rise up on Google

Our website solutions are Search Engine Optimisation driven, with technical and editorial elements all aligned with they top search engines such as Google.

Visitors to customers

Conversion tools such as Refer-A-Friend, Custom Forms, Google Maps and Password Protection are used to boost engagement and improve stickiness.

Design Difference

Unique in appearance and developed with custom copywriting, custom imagery and design. This increases the impact of the site for new visitors.


Content management

The CMS means site owners can easily update content without the need of technical skill. Increasing site productivity and lowering overall costs.

Test + Measure

Full statistics (Google Analytics) are available to measure and monitor the webiste performance to refine it accordingly over the short and long term.

Share it socially

All websites now feature a social toolbar, so users can amplify you business and refere it to friends through their social network channel (i.e. Facebook, Twitter).


Talent driven

The culmination of expertise and experience in web development ensures that you receive the full benefits for your web project.

Qualify customers

Your Lime2.0 webisite will have functionality built into it that will allow you to qualify customers. This ultimately increases the value of that customer.

Built for results

Not all websites are built equally. Web 2.0 solutions are designed to satisfy your business, satisfy your audience and satisfy the search engines looking for your site.


The next big tech change

Each megatrend has affected the way individuals interact with technology.

Mobile sites help you reach a wider audience

With 52% of American internet users accessing websites through mobile devices, by catering to this audience you are reaching a wider audience for your business.

iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia & Android Compatible

Functionality and compatibility is crucial with these smartphones and all our solutions are tailored to work well on these devices.


Be an early adopter

There are millions of mobile internet users but only a handful of sites catering for them. Claim early domain names, early search engine position and higher conversion rates as a consequence.

Increase impulse buying

'Call now' functionality direct from the mobile browser to the phone allows users to make easy transition from prospect to applicant. This increases impact and creates a compelling value proposition for mobile sites for their owners.

Lime 2.0 the Mobile Site expert

We have gained valuable market intelligence over the years that we apply to our clients custom Mobile Site solutions.

Capitalise on the .mobi revolution with your own .mobi web address.

Content consistency

We will adapt your content to suit the mobile phone format, while still keeping the same marketing punch.

Amplifying Statement Marketing

Convert the power of statement marketing into the magnified weight of audience exchange.


Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Have us create compelling presence on the major social networking sites to increase your internet presence and increase your reach.

Low impact to you

Lime 2.0 Social Media Solutions will gather all the information we need to complete the monthly tasks in one 20-minute telephone interview.

Ongoing SEO

We take care all the good housekeeping tasks necessary to gain the full value of all your social networking strategies, reflecting in good search engine position over time.


Syndication for increased reach

We syndicate your content to increase your business reach and to keep your site content fresh.

Improves with age

Developed to improve with age and not depreciate as soon as you pay for it. By testing and measuring your performance we can refine and improve.

Dedicated and experienced

Take advantage of our strong position in the industry by capitalising on our knowledge base and our online marketing abilities.


Content management

Let us manage all your content from Videos to PR to Articles to Photo Galleries, presenting them all in a pitch perfect presentation that is search engine friendly for maximum impact.

Built for results

Not all websites are built equally. Lime 2.0 Social Media Solutions MiniSite solutions are designed to satisfy your business, satisfy your audience and satisfy the search engines looking for your site.

Channel your focus

By focusing on a single product or service we can effectively market to create an end result. By channelling your visitor, you get a high conversion rate for your marketing dollar.


Designed with strategy in mind

Unique in appearance and developed with custom copywriting, custom imagery and design. This increases the impact of the site for new visitors.

Connection is crucial to conversion

We qualify and engage customers converting them from prospects to applicants to referrers. We ensure they don’t disappear anonymously.

Using applications for engagement

We use Web 2.0 applications such as referral tools to make MiniSites sticky and create additional buzz for your products and services.


Mulitple MiniSites. Dramatic Results.

Have multiple MiniSites running simultaneously to maximise the impact of your online marketing campaign.

Newsletter with purpose

Use Newsletters to engage, stimulate interest and energise people into action.

Satisfy your database

Newsletters need to give something for people to talk about, they need to raise the value of your business in the eyes of the reader.


Relationship marketing is easy-to-maintain

We can manage the entire process for you from content creation to design to distribution strategy. Lime 2.0 Social Media Marketing is your complete marketing partner.

Enrich your brand and increase effectiveness

By being clear in your layout and language, you can maximise the results of your Newsletter campaign.

Monetise your Media Centre

Use your archive content in your media centre and repurpose it for use in Print or as a Digital Magazine. Monetize your content with Google AdSense.


Maximise existing client value

Your existing clients are valuable for upselling, cross-selling, promoting, referring, testing, answering and a lot more. Use them.

SEO is most effective

Search Engine Optimisation improves the traffic to your web site. The higher a website appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine.

SEO is sustainable

SEO allows you to create a sustainable, limitless form of lead generation that is not limited by your budget on a marketing campaign. SEO goes beyond the reach of Pay Per Click advertising.


SEO is ongoing

Your audience and in turn your potential customers are alive and active and always changing. Your SEO efforts must be geared to reflect audience trends to remain effective.

SEO is highly technical

SEO features many onsite and offsite elements that combine together to create search engine friendliness. The criteria are always changing.

SEO for consistent results

Combined, your SEO Solution is your perpetual online lead generation strategy that never gets tired or underperforms.


1000+ clients can’t be wrong

We get people visible by helping their website rise to the top of search engines. We can do this because we gained valuable market intelligence over the years that we apply to our clients custom SEO solutions.

Life beyond logos

Your brand identity solution is the essence and personality of your business. It has immediate impact on everyone who interacts with it.

Strategic focus to enhance effectiveness

By focusing on your message and strategic, your brand values shine through.


Brands to engage customers

Use your brand as away to galvanise the audience into action and choose you as the compelling solution to their issue.

Brands to attract investors

See your brand as a value driver to your business from a revenue, reputation and protection perspective.

Brands to reassure suppliers

Your brand adds credibility and reliability to your business.


Game changing

Use your brand power to stack the deck in your favour. Competitors will struggle to compete.

New business relationships

Enhance revenues by bringing new customers to the business and encourage repeat business.

Amplifying your brand values

Your brand collaterals are designed to amplify your brand by enhancing the personality of your business. Good collaterals get your business noticed.


Consistent, integrated focus

By focusing on your message, strategy and brand throughout your collaterals you create brand consistency.

Corporate identity is crucial

Use your brand to define your corporate identity. This is essential to creating awareness and creating your business to the service you offer.

Client facing collaterals sell

Brands are valuable. Maximise this by using your brand across your client facing collaterals. Brands reassures consumers.


Create awareness

Your advertising is designed to raise awareness of your business. It makes sense that it should create awareness for your brand too.

A Directory is a powerful online tool

Directories are popular, revenue generation machines that can be as automated as you want them to be.

Audiences use directories to find the information they want

Directories and portals are used to help people find the right information, fast.


Choose one industry to focus the directory on

By focusing on one industry, you can have a targeted approach at increasing your Directory visibility and generate traffic.

Advertising Revenue is the online king

Ad revenue allows visitors to visit sites for free which in turn leads to more traffic which in turn leads to more ad revenue. This cycle demonstrates the power of online advertising.

There are multiple streams of online ad revenue available

Don’t have a business that is reliant on one stream of revenue. The ad revenue generation on your Directory site can take at least 4 forms, possibly more.


Use SEO and Social Marketing to get the edge

Use fresh, updated, interesting content to get visitors returning again and again to increase revenues.

Creative thinking as the basis of your campaign

We take a strategic approach together with tactical delivery to ensure you get the best results.

Not all ads are built equally

We have helped hundreds of businesses with their Yellow Pages campaigns to deliver successful results time and again.


Interrupt, engage, educate, offer

Push the hot buttons of your audience to convert prospects into applicants.

Brand focus

Our branded campaign help to increase the value of transactions and maximise the lifetime value of clients.

Full service campaign management

The culmination of many years of expertise and experience in web development and marketing ensures that you receive the benefits for your Campaign Solution.


Open the door to millions of customers

Unleash the power of Google on your business in a cost effective, high impact way.

Goals, strategies and actions

By using our GSA methodology we ensure you have a fine-tuned marketing solution targeted to meet your desired outcomes. This focus is a high value approach to marketing.

Creating a dynamic hub for visitors

We build dynamic solutions that engage the audience, across a variety of media. By interacting with your audience and plugging in directly to their preferred platform you have a supercharged marketing solution.


Engagement is crucial to conversion

We qualify and engage customers converting them from prospects to applicants to referrers. We ensure they don’t disappear anonymously.

Integration for engagement

Our strategies and execution are geared to get qualified people to the door of your business and guide them through.

Increase value of customers

Our Integrated Solutions create touchpoints, through our branded campaigns, to increase the value of transactions and maximise the lifetime value of clients.


Game changing

An evolution that can change the game for your company. It isn’t fair to the others when you play with loaded dice. It weights the game in your favour. But why play fair in this case? You are playing to win.