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Think small.
Unveiling the brand new MiniSite solutions.

Lime 2.0 Social Media Solutions’ MiniSite solutions create a connection with your audience by finding focal points in your business and drilling down on the detail. These strategically designed sites ‘pull’ visitors through to reach a specific outcome. This a high impact, high conversion solution for your business.

Connect with a many relevant mini audiences.

Understand this about your audience – they are easily distracted. Being bombarded everything, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to make a decision. Often, no decision is made. They are incapacitated with fear. “What choice do I make?”, “I hope I won’t make the wrong decision!”, “I don’t even know what I need anymore!” Buyers remorse sets in before they have even bought anything. This anxiety turns fear into inaction. The worst result for your business.

Your Lime 2.0 MiniSite Solution is a psychological weapon in your marketing armoury. Lime 2.0 MiniSite Solutions are small sites that focus specifically on one product or service in your business. The strategically designed site captures their attention, pulls them through the site and pushes them with a final prompt. There is no decision to make. There is only one option. Focus remove fear as the decision is made. With reassuring authority you create context behind their issue and your solution. By using compelling copy that resonates and design with impact, you create an emotional connection between your business and reader.

They trust you, they need you, you are the right provider for them; the only provider. By being clear and having focus, that connection is made.


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Going Mini. Which Mini?

Lime 2.0 MiniSite Solutions are for business owners who know they want to increase the lifetime value of their client, increase conversion rates and build trust. Our offer is 3 solutions with different investment levels and specification – Enterprise,Premier & Corporate. These are geared for clients looking to outmarket the competition. Our MiniSite solutions are designed to get you noticed.

Enterprise Solution

Buy Online: $3,000  

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This is our entry-level MiniSite solution. This basic spring site is well suited to brand new businesses who are looking to evoke simple responses from their MiniSites.

Premier Solution

Buy Online: $5,000  

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This MiniSite is a Web 2.0 enabled option. This has been developed for evolving companies on the move and who need a communication loop with customers.

Corporate Solution

Buy Online: $10,000  

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Our corporate MiniSite solution is an advanced Flash site integrated with your backend platform to create an automated 24/7 sales tool for your business. This offers you serious return on investment.