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Integrated Solutions

Lime 2.0 Social Media Solutions Integrated Solutions are a complete approach to your company’s web and marketing, designed to work together to deliver bottom line benefits. The combination of our entire suite of products is tailored precisely to produce a highly automated, sophisticated platform for engagement appealing to clients, prospects, browsers and everyone in between.

Enterprise Solution


This is our entry-level Integrated solution. This solution is well suited to brand new businesses looking for a dynamic online marketing campaign and web presence.


Premier Solution


This is our most popular Integrated Solution developed for evolving companies on the move and who are looking for that additional level of connection with customers, suppliers, partners, the media and everyone in between.


Corporate Solution


This solution is the ideal option for every business looking for serious return on investment. Corporate clients benefit from a unique Integrated Solution that positions itself clearly in the market away from its competitors. For clients looking to outmarket the competition.